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Dance To The Sultry Beat of The Tango

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Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu falls separates Brazil & Argentina. It is perhaps the most breathtaking and complex waterfalls in the world. An impressive array of colourful parrots & toucans awaits you as you encounter Iguazu.

The Argentinian Patagonia is situated closer to the Atlantic ocean, home to a thriving sea life.

Iberia wetlands offers spectacular streams, lagoons, marshes and swamps. 

Discover Calafate, ice-berg strewn lakes and ride up to Perito Moreno glacier. Breathtaking scenery.

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Culture, Food & Dance

Argentina is the home of the Tango and in Buenos Aires enjoy a live Tango show, you have

to give it a try.  In Mendoza, situated in the Andes take a traditional cooking class and immerse yourself in Argentinian culture. Take a trip to Calchaquí Valley and Cafayate  and enjoy an exquisite wine tour and enjoy the scenery of of the deep gorges, valleys and rivers.

The Salinas Grandes salt flats are a mesmerizing sight, enjoy contrasting landscapes, explore trails, villages and interact the locals. To capture the never ending experiences to enjoy in Argentina requires only one decision, plan a trip today.

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