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Image by Carlos "Grury" Santos


Land of the Midnight Sun

Image by Tommi Saltiola

Two Million Saunas

Sauna, the best place to meet Finns. It is said that there are enough saunas to easily accommodate the entire population of Finland.

And then there are lakes, clean lakes and lots of them. Finland is called the land of a thousand lakes, 188,000 to be precise.

From Helsinki to lake Inari in Lapland, Finland is filled with an oasis of clean blue. Lake Saimaa’s ringed seal, one of the most endangered species in the world, is the country’s largest lake’s most memorable attraction.

Image by Fang-Yuan Chuang
Image by Norman Tsui
Image by Maria Vojtovicova
Image by Zdeněk Macháček

Wild Nature

These pristine and picturesque landscapes provide habitat for many wild animals and birds including magnificent bears, wolves, lynx, eagles, cranes and swans, as well as the rarest seal.

Great places to watch out for these creatures include Finland’s 40 national parks, which are freely open to everyone all year round. The wildlife gallery spotlights some of Finland’s most iconic animals and birds. There are lots of other place to visit from Helsinki, Tuomiokirkko, Suomenlinna, Porvoo, Archipelago, Bengtskar, Turku, Aland, Moominworld, Savonlinna, The Sami and ofcouse Santa Claus.

Image by Joakim Honkasalo
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