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Known as The Red Island, 5000km of Coastline

Image by Yasmine Arfaoui

Wild Paradise, Rain Forest

The avenue of baobabs, lining the road between Morondava & Belon´i Tsirbihina in western Madagascar is a sight to behold. National parks that are a must visit include, Isalo which has 200m deep canyons, the Tsingy De Bemaraha centers on two geological formations and crossed by the Manambolo river,  Reserva natural de Tsingy de Bemaraha is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, it has lemur, preserved mangrove forests and abundant birdlife resident here.

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Image by karimjy LOULOUA
Image by Sandy Ravaloniaina
Image by Diana Parkhouse

Culture & History 

Madagascar is unlike anywhere in Africa or Asia, combining cultural influences from both continents. 

The islands remote location once made it safe a heaven for pirates, the island has still kept its treasure trove of history and culture to explore.

Lamba is the traditional clothing worn by the islanders, by both men and women.

Moraingy is a form of bare-fisted combat sport, and it’s very popular throughout the island, still practiced widely. Here you will be lost in time, and a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday modern living.

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