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Safari etiquette, do's and don'ts

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Knowing what to expect at your chosen destination is the first step towards a great safari.

The continent of Africa offers a wide array of experiences, ecosystems, animals, and cultures. By becoming familiar with and participating in the local cultures and traditions, Twelve Adventure Expeditions encourages guests to contribute to local communities and cultures. It is essential to respect the customs and cultures of the people. As a part of our effort to promote responsible tourism, we ask you to observe the following guidelines.

On Game drives please observe the following.

  1. Do not get out of the Safari vehicle

  2. Wildlife always have the right of way. Please do not block the path.

  3. Animals are generally shy and tend to hide, however they are wild and unpredictable. Give them the respect and peace they deserve.

  4. Only use washrooms in designated areas. Make sure you plan ahead for toilet breaks with your driver guide. Always listen to the instructions of your guide

  5. Do not smoke whilst on game drives. Cigarette butts can be a cause of wildfires in the bush.

  6. Maintain silence when observing wildlfe and speak in hushed tones. Keep a sufficient distance and switch off the engine.

  7. Do not litter. There are severe penalties for throwing trash in the parks. Your trash should be disposed of at the place where you stay.

  8. Please place your phone on silent mode while you make a call; avoid using it.

  9. Carying of firearms is strictly prohibited and not allowed on game drives.

  10. You should not drive off-road or cross-country. You cannot drive after sunset unless you have the necessary permit and are on a night game drive. Depending on the national park or game reserve you are visiting, you may not be able to drive after sunset.

On Cultural Visits

  1. Consider cultural etiquette and dress appropriately. Be sure to ask your guide what is appropriate attire.

  2. If you have brought gifts for the village you are visiting, please enquire from your guide about how to give them to the village elders.

  3. Please do not remove historical or archaeological artifects from the sites.

At your Lodge or Camp

  1. Please do not feed wild animals, monkeys, dik diks, baboons, hyrax, birds or any animal for that matter.

  2. Please do not litter, including cigaratte butts.

  3. Do not collect bones, plants, stones etc as they form part of the mini eco system.

Enjoy your adventures accross the continent, stay safe, travel soon and reach out for any assistance.

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