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Image by Jeffery Cullman


Rain Forest Island With Sustainability At Its Heart

Image by Alexandre Brondino

Principe Island

Formerly known as 'the chocolate islands' because they were once one of the world's largest cacao producers, these islands have become known as 'Africa's Galapagos' for the variety of trees and plants on Principe Island, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There are few places as exotic and raw as this in which to connect with nature as it is, whether you are exploring ancient mountains and pristine jungle, learning how historic plantations are being revived, or watching turtle hatchlings run towards the ocean.

Image by Nurhadi Cahyono
Image by Josué Soto
Image by Ryan Loughlin
Image by Thomas Ashlock

Principe, Gabon & Republic of Congo Itineraries

Príncipe Island combines luxury with sustainability, providing an experience unmatched in Africa. Daily experiences guided by some of the most experienced guides on the island take you on hikes to water falls, boat trips to see the amazing peaks, turtle & whale watching or the chocolate experience. By offering enriching opportunities to those on the island without damaging culture, traditions, and the natural environment, sustainable practices helps to maintain the island's fragile environment. A great way to explore this region of West Africa is to combine Gabon, Republic of Congo with a grande finale in São Tomé & Príncipe Island.

Image by Mike Kenneally
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